Story Day: When authors become characters

Hello, my peoples! I have come to share with you one of my joys of writing, and I would like to start with….

*character clears throat*

*author stares back*
Like I was saying, one of the joys of writing is when we ourselves as authors and writers get to play as characters on what is known as Story Day.

So what is “Story Day” exactly?

Story Day was started in the Young Writers Workshop Community to interact with different characters (who are actually other young writers). It’s almost like a real time character building for a story and it goes all weekend long which is usually the first Friday and Saturday of every month. We have introductions of our characters that we’re going to be playing as for that weekend, and then it goes off from there.

*character pipes in*
We also get to meet people from other places! *claps in excitement*

*author starts getting annoyed*
I was just about to tell them that, now stop interrupting will ya?

*character disappears*

Now, as you just saw, there’s that as well. Sometimes, when the authors go to say something, the character who we’re being at the time tries to take control over the keyboard and you have the Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde effect. We can be two separate people at the same time, and why can’t we? We’re writers, right? Aren’t we supposed to be a tad bit crazy anyway?

So how does this work? Well, a character introduction would look something like this:
*Walks up with books in hand and backpack on shoulder*
Zup? I’m Jamie. I was told by both Skylar and Murray that this would be a fun place to hang out and meet other people. I don’t really talk about my past very much, not even Skylar knows all of it and we were castmates in our college’s fall musical. (That’s where we met by the way). So, what’s happening?

Now it’s your turn. You get to experience what Story Day is like by commenting below.

2 thoughts on “Story Day: When authors become characters

  1. Character (Caleb): Hi Jamie. My author didn’t let me go to Story Day this month. *rolls eyes* Something about being behind in other things. But it’s fun to see you here!


  2. Character: Hi Jamie and Caleb! My name’s Lisa. So sorry for being late…you wouldn’t believe all the school assignments I’ve got going on this week. But my roommate finally convinced me that I need to get a life and actually socialize for once, so here I am!


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