Wow! I can’t believe that the school year almost upon us and the beauty of fall is just around the corner. A few weeks ago, I was able to attend the world premiere of the movie “Amelia 2.0”. Believe me, it was amazing. The overall film was beautifully done and I was glad I waited patiently, and sometimes impatiently, as the production updates kept filling my Facebook feed over the past three to four years. I would highly recommend it as an independent film movie.

That night didn’t happen without its challenges tho. I started inwardly panicking the moment I pulled into the strip mall where the theater was located. In the fifteen minutes it took for me to get from work to the theater, the line was almost four stores down from its doors. After meeting up with my mom in the line, she reminded me that I was the one who had to go retrieve our tickets. I can legitimately say that it was the weirdest moment of my life thus far. I was terrified and excited. I was calmly anxious. And how that works I have no idea because even now I still think that it is an oxymoron.

Then came the moment of complete and utter truth. The seating arrangements happened in such a way that once a movie was done for the night and emptied of movie goers, (or at least the next several hours) that theater room would fill up with premiere viewers for the event. But the movie wouldn’t actually start until after a presentation by the mayor and the director. It was then that the director mentioned that the movie was the owner of sold out tickets consisting of 500 people. That’s not so bad. I thought. Was it?

It was. Five hundred people meant five hundred people. And that was a lot of traffic for a small five roomed theater (I’ll let you do the math). The only way I was able to do anything, besides making a beeline towards the door, was from the gentle nudges and encouragement from my mom. Who willingly took photos as I made it to the signing booth twice, and reveled in an experience I may never have again.  

3 thoughts on “Anxiety and World Premieres

  1. I was so proud of you that night with how well you handled the situation. I am so blessed to have experienced it with you. Mom


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