Note: This is a “flashback” moment in Skylar’s past that I wanted to share and see how it would work as a possible part of my story, The Adventures of Skylar Morgan. Enjoy.

It was my big day. A day that was meant to be for me and about me. And yet, it was raining and miserable. Not how I had pictured my high school graduation party. But who cared? My family and I had been at my church since early that morning prepping for my 2 pm party. Why was it taking so long to do something so simple? Just place the tables, signs, decorations, food, and whatnot, where they belonged and BAM it’s done and ready for the next three hours.
“Or is it?”
Great. The one person I didn’t want to show up just happened to open his big mouth anytime I started stressing or got extremely anxious. Good ‘ole Murray. At first, when I was growing up, I thought that I was just letting into my imagination. But now, Murray only showed up when my brain went haywire, which, unfortunately for me, was a constant ordeal. He was that one best friend that would be a pest if they needed to be that someone would see in every good tv show or movie. But to me, he was more than just a best friend. He was my diagnosis. My autistic diagnosis.
Jumping out of my thoughts, I whipped my head around to see Elyse’s head popping into the classroom of the church we were using for my party from where she stood in the lobby around the corner.
“A little help? The computer’s not working right and I can’t find your playlist.”
A few minutes later, and I had the playlist and the slideshow running. Then started the incoming of people. Why? You’re not supposed to be here for another 15-20 minutes!
Breathe. Just breathe.
I was stressing. Doing my best to keep my composure, I told mom what I was doing and headed straight for the bathroom.
“Stressing much?” Murray taunted, causing a halt in my tracks to my awaited escape. Double checking that I was alone in the hall, I shot him a distasteful glance.
“Shut up Murray.” I replied through clenched teeth.
“But they’re here for you, you will have to face them at some point.”
“I said SHUT UP!”
Calming down from my latest outburst, and quickly regaining my composure once more, I made one more last ditch effort to be alone.
“Murray, please. Just do it. Leave. Me. Alone.”
And with that, I was left to use that much needed retreat to gain the courage to face the onslaught of friends and people I grew up with for the next two to three hours.

So I did it. I was now a high school graduate and I had a diploma. And I had no idea of what the future held. My only thought was “Now what?”

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