Hello readers,

As you may have noticed, I did not write for the entire month of July on this blog. Why? Well, as anyone who wants to do their job well, I needed to take a break from writing and set a plan, schedule, etc on what I was going to write when, how to keep up with all of my writings, and do a good job at it by reading in the same genre’s. Reading, I have found out, is an area I am lacking in very well. And I’ve been working on making this blog better serve you as well and keep you updated on the happenings in my writing world.


Like school, every time it starts we get a grade older. And in those grades, comes changes. The same applies to this blog. So, over the next few weeks and months, you’ll be seeing some of the following changes.


A weekly blog post

I will take one day a week devoted to posting on my blog and if I have the extra time and energy, I may splurge and post a few more times in a seven day period. (Small beginnings)



The purpose of the calendar is to plan what my writing goals are, and when you, as the reader, should be expecting a post from me. In short, accountability purposes and if anything special is coming up, you guys would be excited for me as that certain day approaches.

A “Topic” series

This idea was spawned off of not only doing a “theme month” on my other blog, Writers of Elysian, but I’ve seen some other young writers that I know do the same thing where they take a topic, and for a certain number of posts, or an entire month, they discuss that topic. Whether it be about trust in God and how that affects different areas in our lives or something else.


Story snippets

With this snippet, (see what I did there?) I want to share parts of the stories I’ll be writing to share with you the adventures of a writing journey from start to finish.




An updated bi-weekly email

With this, I plan on sending out “tremendous tidbits” from what’s been going on in my writing journey to websites, blogs, and other places that I’ve been posting my writing.

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