Failing and Falling

I still remember it. Being on Facebook one day and a video of a little girl popped up on my screen with a “status update” from the Do Hard Things page.  “Time for a pep talk” it read. Curious, I clicked on it and the clip came to life. There she was, a little girl with her brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, sippy cup in hand, standing in what looks like a living room with one clear, sweet message for the world of Facebook to hear.

“Don’t stop, don’t give up, keep trying, you’ll get it right”.

After watching it for the full two minutes I was left with not only laughter from the cuteness of the girl, but a small dose of practical motivation. Until the next time I found myself against a brick wall and needed a little pick me up. Which was usually when I felt like I was failing something and didn’t have any motivation to continue. So, basically the whole video was motivation on not failing. But what about the other millions of people who may not have those little “pick me up’s” and fall into short-term depression because they feel like a failure?  Where do they go when they feel like they are the only one who fails at everything ? They may not have anywhere to go. And what’s sad is that they don’t realize that you can fall without failure.

Several weeks ago a friend of mine, Taylor, had introduced me to a spoken-word band by the name of Listener. Having never listened to anything of that genre, I decided to give the band a try. But after a few days of just listening to it in the car on my drive to work using my phone as the DJ, I had pulled them up on my computer and absent-mindedly clicked on one of the instrumental albums that had the same title as the original. I didn’t realize what happened until I was halfway through the album and ran across the instrumentation of a song that I recognized. Thinking that I had a glitch or done something wrong on my computer, I decided to turn off the stream for a few hours and give me time to re-listen with a more focused hearing. In doing so, I had picked up on some things musically that I hadn’t noticed before. Mainly withe the lyrics. Halfway through the album again, the following words come across the sound waves of my phone and into my car:

“Failing is not just for failures, its for everyone”

At that moment, the music part of my brain just turned off and the critical thinking  took over. And a thought came to mind that started to make me wonder if there was a difference between failing and falling. After almost two weeks of trying to figure it out, I ended up writing it down. The difference is your attitude and how you look at certain situations, so despite the difference in spelling of each word, here’s the difference:

The difference between Failing and Falling is one letter. The letter “I”. Falling is when you’re knocked down and you get back up one more time. Failing is when you get knocked down and you just stay there.

The other day, I had gone out to Taylor’s blog and one of the topics that came up was a post he had written about being knocked down, and in that post, he had talked about the life of King David when he was a warrior and a young adult. I say that because no matter how many times David had fallen or “failed” as a king, he always picked himself back up, repented of his wrongs before God, and started over. Now some may say that David failed Israel as a king, but then why does God say that David was a man after His own heart?

So, who knows? Maybe the little girl in the video was right? Maybe we need to remember that if we failed at something, we need to pick ourselves up, brush off the dirt, and do it one more time until we get it right. And maybe Listener‘s right too. Maybe we aren’t the only one’s who fail. And Taylor too? Yes, we do tell ourselves “We had one job and we failed” as a joke, but if we don’t decided to do something about it, then we have truly failed.

You can read more on Taylor B.’s blog, Grace did much more abound, by clicking on the link:

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