What’s the problem?

I had originally written this piece four years ago this June, and I found it last night…hope you enjoy my early attempt at writing


One day, I was doing my personal Bible study while listening to Lecrae which was something I had never done before. Now for those of you who had never heard of him before, Lecrae is a Christian rapper. While I was listening to his cd After the music stops, the following verse from the song, ” Send Me” caught my attention:

No one signing up for missions this summer
Rather sit at home watching zip pip in a hummer
While a nine year-old is shot down
No one screaming stop now
No bridge illistrations for crimminals who are locked down


Then I made this realization:

Uh, people, we have a problem: If we want the sold-out life of Christianity, what are we doing to prepare ourselves? What is our passion? Are we passionate about things for God and His glory? Are we letting Him run our lives His Way; and not our way? If not, there is the problem. We call him Lord, but we still control some of what we do, think, and say. Where is your total surrender?


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