Where I end

This piece was written by a Rebelutionary friend of mine, Rachel Joy.

I end here.
Here in this Holy place,
Here in the Holy of Holies.
I’m done with the ways of me.

I’m tired of being myself.
I’ve nothing left of me.
I’m done with being obsessed with myself.
Lord, this is where I end.

I stop here.
I stop in this moment.
It’s all yours now.
Take all that I am.

You are where I was.
You are all that I was striving for.
You are all that I’ve ever wanted.
Lord, take me.

I end here.
I surrender everything that I was.
Jesus, become my all in all.
I’m running to you.

I can’t breathe without you anymore.
I can’t survive this world alone.
Be my all in all.
Be my place of rest

The world shouts so loudly Lord,
Give me peace.
So that when the storms rage,
I will have a place of refuge.

You have taken my heart,
Captivated it with your glory.
Because you are where I ended.
You are my place to stand.

Lord, you are all that I need.
And in you will I put my trust.
Keep holding me
I can’t do this on my own.

You can find some of Rachel’s other works on her blog:

And also at her Facebook page:

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