It doesn’t matter….

One of the things that I had to overcome when I first was diagnosed was: driving a car. I know right? For me, it was a legit fear. Even before my diagnosis. I mean, c’mon I’m in control of a monster of a machine; one wrong move, and it turns  into a deadly weapon in one moment. I just want to share a story of mine: How I got my driver’s license.

I had first wanted to get my driver’s license when I was eighteen. I had the money, had signed up, and got the information for my classes. Well, the day of my first class came, and I was thrown behind the wheel. Crazy right? After the session was complete, I was told that my parents didn’t get me on the roads long enough and that if I wanted to continue, I would do better with a private instructor. After I told my parents what happened and they got in contact with the coordinator, I eventually dropped-out. Two-years later I had decided to do it again.

I had a private instuctor, (with the same driver’s ed class) and after almost three to four months of drive time ( hey, when you know that you have to do it anyway why not just do the driving portion of the class if you can?) five times on taking the test for my DOT, I have my license.  So, like my instructor once said, it doesn’t matter if, it just matters on when

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